Who can benefit from green career coaching?
Anyone who feels a calling to work for a better world!

How can Barbara help me?
Barbara has a solid track record as a career coach helping a wide range of individuals from all income and professional levels - mid-career changers, dislocated workers, first-time job seekers - pursue sustainable green careers.  She integrates her deep respect for the earth and all it’s creatures with years of career and employment counseling experience, certified training as a spiritual director and her personal commitment to working for a better world. In addition to endless research to stay abreast of environmental and social justice issues, economic trends and, of course, green work opportunities!

What if I don’t know what I want?

You don’t have to know what you want to benefit from career coaching. You only have to believe that you have a purpose in creating a more sustainable world and be willing to explore the issues that touch you the most. We’ll explore the possibilities – green fields and industries, social justice or environmental organizations, entrepreneurial green product or service ventures – and help you create a green career track that fulfills your needs, your interests - and your purpose.

How long will it take to accomplish my green career goal?
Career professionals give an average of six weeks to six months to find the ideal work situation. It’s impossible to predict an exact date because finding the best green career match most depends on time, effort, and strategy invested in the search. As your career coach, I help you clarify a green career vision and stay on track and focused throughout the search process. We work to uncover the opportunities, the resources, and the contacts you need. (It’s true. 80% of your efforts must be concentrated on networking. Detective skills come in handy!) Frequently, serendipity kicks in - job offers or opportunities pop up where and when least expected!

Can green career coaching help other areas of my life?
Green career coaching often involves deeper work (by choice) that uncovers holistic or spiritual awareness calling you to pursue green work.  Taking the time to determine how certain green career choices might reflect or reinforce what’s most important to you in your personal life.  Seeking to understand more about what it is that calls to you and how your personal life is affected by your work life and vice versa. As your career coach, trained in spiritual direction with a nondenominational approach, I can help you decide the level at which you want to explore and learn how your career choices affect your life as a whole as well as the life of the planet and others.

Can I make enough money in a green job?
That depends on how much is “enough.” The most freedom you have in a work search or career transition (in terms of time available to explore career options or choosing one kind of work over another) is directly related to your consumer habits and personal finance management. You decide what dollar amount you need to create the income stream(s) that will support your lifestyle habits and standards. You can see how practicing sustainable lifestyle principles prevents “job lock” and, ultimately, expands your range of career choices!

What if I can’t afford coaching?
If you believe that you can’t afford career coaching, you’re most likely very much in need of it! You may just need help securing an interim job that serves as a means to an end (buys some time to explore and expand your green career options or pursue affordable training or educational programs. Or you may need help identifying the transferable skills, abilities, and experience that qualify you for a job now. There are unlimited work possibilities, actually, - environmental and humanitarian careers have become the new growth industry! A few strategy or brainstorming coaching sessions would be invaluable in helping put together a realistic strategy and job search plan. We can make it work for you!

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