Career Coaching

Individual Phone Coaching

Coaching sessions are focused on taking action to realize your career dreams! Together, we determine what help you need and how often you need it.

As soon as you choose to begin, you receive help in one or more of the following ways to:
  • Clarify your true passions and interests in the environmental and social justice movement
  • Structure your career plan or job search strategy and help you stay on track
  • Identify online resources for market research and work opportunities in current and emerging green fields
  • Assess the market value of your transferable skills, strengths, experience, and special knowledge or abilities
  • Develop resumes and other marketing materials that win interviews or contracts
  • Overcome blocks or chronic behavior patterns that stall career search movement
  • Redirect your creativity, motivation, and energy into green economy networking

(Coaching generally involves two, three, or four sessions a month. You may prefer longer sessions spaced farther apart. First-time sessions are best scheduled for one hour to evaluate your needs, make recommendations and offer new information and strategies that you can put into action immediately!)

Extra Coaching Time at No Charge!

Between regularly scheduled coaching sessions, I encourage you to “check in” by phone or email with a brief question or request (5 minutes or less) at no charge. (Requests for additional phone time can be prorated.)

Also available:

In-Person Coaching
Scheduled in one-hour increments at office locations (Minneapolis, MN and San Anselmo, CA).

Brainstorming Session
Brainstorming sessions generate green career resources, ideas, and possibilities for you to explore and/or act on immediately! May be scheduled as needed in half-hour increments.

Break-Through Session
A break through session is an intensive focused period of time in which to “break through” feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unable to make headway with career search efforts. The work may focus on uncovering deeper levels of self-awareness and discovery and/or releasing limiting thoughts and beliefs that hamper career search activities. Scheduled in blocks of one- to two-hour sessions.

Sliding fee scale applies to most services. When career services are “unaffordable” it’s time to sign up! Financial management is key to creating conscious and sustainable career choices. We can make it work for you!

To schedule a career coaching session, contact me by phone or email. If you prefer a confidential reply, please provide a specific phone number or email address. You will receive a quick response!

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"“I want to sincerely thank you for assisting me during my job search. I appreciate all the leads, advice, and support you have given me as well as the training you recommended. I received a total of three job offers including the most current offer . . . I have sent two people to you and raved about your service.”"

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