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Written by Barbara Parks   

What do you care strongly enough about to take action on your values about sustainability? Maybe you're just realizing that you have more of a part to play in saving the planet than you previously thought. Perhaps you're already taking steps to act on your sustainability values in your current work. Or maybe you're ready to put all effort into creating a sustainable career plan -- even though you have no idea what that might be or look like.

Some jobseekers today are choosing to include a sustainability values statement in their resume profile as a way to communicate their enthusiasm and commitment to working for change. They've learned that employers in environmental industries or market sectors are most interested in individuals who present values that support their companies' efforts to practice sustainable policies and procedures.

Here's a few values statements my clients have used to expand and personalize their qualifications profiles or summaries:

Committed to helping human consciousness recover a sense of kinship and relationshp to the web of life.

Committed to work on public policy that supports a healthy environment and fair distribution of resources.

Collaborating to manifest a world in which compassion, sustainability, authenticity, sharing and love are guiding principles.

Committed to integrating environmental stewardship and developemt to meet the needs of economically/environmentally challenged communities.

Working towards a world in which all life is nourished and every individual has what they need to prosper.

When you write a values statement based on what you care about and what you're willing to work for, you've created the first step towards a career track that honors your unique contribution -- and makes you more attractive to a prospective employer.