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Written by Barbara Parks   

My career and employment counselor colleagues say this is the worst job market since the mid-90s. News sources report there are ten qualified candidates for every job opening. Hard facts make it sound like this is the worst of times. . .

It’s certainly not the time to wait for Washington to "roll out" green jobs. Or wait for U.S. corporations to stanch the flow of greed and focus on their human capital. This is not the time to wait for business, in general, to “turn around.”

But this is a great time to explore green career opportunities in environmental industries, market sectors, and social justice fields.

And you can do any of the following:

This is a great time to remember who you are and why you’re here.

Ask yourself: What purposeful work do I really want to do? How do I want to contribute to a sustainable future? Give yourself the gift of one hour to jot down anything, uncensored, that comes to mind. You can do a reality check after the hour’s over.

This is a great time to think in terms of possibility.

Who says you’re not skilled enough? Who says you’re too old…or too young?

This is a great time to “dream up” new job titles.

New green career tracks continue to emerge daily. Many work opportunities being created in green fields and industries don’t even have a title. . . yet. You’ll not find them in the usual job listings! Write your own job title and job description that describes the kind of work you want to do. Go in search of the employer who’s looking for you.

This is a great time to study for a certificate.

Sometimes a credential needed is only a certificate away. Technical, non-technical, or social justice jobs in the green economy require a varying array of qualifications. Many prospective employers are looking for a specific combination of skills, strengths, education, and experience. But some hiring managers will consider a broader base of transferable skills, strengths, experience, and “chemistry” over a specific degree or credential.

This is a great time to explore entrepreneurship.

Spend some time exploring the possibility of creating your own career track as an independent consultant or business owner. Green entrepreneurs are changing the face of business and society with innovative solutions to today's problems. Join the ranks.

This is a great time to join the green tribe.

Get out and become part of a growing community of people who are working for a more sustainable and just world and empowering themselves through pro-active job search strategies.

This is a great time to make conscious choices about life/work balance.

How’s your personal sustainability index? Polls indicate that slightly more than half of all U.S. workers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Stress levels are rising in the workplace. Be sure to make life and work decisions that support your personal health and sustainability.


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